LEMUR Design has more than 275 adjustable walls over 22 countries

LEMUR is the most experienced adjustable wall company in the world. Our products have proven to be reliable and durable. 

Our adjustable walls are compatible with any layout and hold/LED system. 

275 Walls delivered since 2017

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Installed in 22 countries

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Answer < 24h

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Easy to install in 1 day


Exclusive automatic control box


Minimal maintenance

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"Lemur Design's adjustable walls are the best option for all of our kilterboard training systems, their design surpasses any competition in terms of durability and experience. We have worked with Lemur Design to create the most advanced and comprehensive training wall system."
- Jackie Hueftle Kilterboard, Boulder Colorado

"As a climbing professional, I have had the opportunity to evaluate the products of most other manufacturers on the market. The climbing walls built by Lemur Design surpass all others I have worked on. The durability of the wood, texture and T-nuts is exceptional. They create world class walls in small and challenging buildings."
- Sarah Filler, The routesetting institute

"The Kilterboard built and installed by Lemur Design was a wonderful addition to our space. Their outstanding service has allowed us to have a wall that is completely customized to our image. Since installation, this adjustable wall has been very popular and has quickly become a staple of Beta Bloc. Thank you!"
- Naim Tremblay, Beta Bloc Montreal

"The adjustable Wall was the perfect investment to help us grow our community and offer inclusive climbing to our clients. This product is helping us to increase our revenue as we can now offer new coaching classes for all levels of climbers while using less setting time."
- Shaun Koslowski, Granite Works, USA